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Cyprus Property

Grand-property is a reliable team of properties please professionals in Cyprus. We will help you buy or rent a property that best meets all your requirements. We specialize in buying, selling and renting residential as well as commercial properties please. In our database - a large selection of objects, from mansions, built on an individual project, to compact and comfortable apartments in high-rise buildings. The principle of our work is an individual approach to each client, continuous development, improvement of the quality of services and expansion of the range of activities.

Grand Property is a team of professionals in the field of properties please in Cyprus.

Years of experience allows us to be leaders in the field.

Individual approach to each client, support of transactions.

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Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is considered to be the main jewel in the necklace of the Mediterranean islands, the embodiment of paradise on earth. The mild healing climate of Cyprus is the sum of the three components of health and beauty: a warm and clean sea, fresh air and 350 sunny days a year. It is this magical combination that guarantees the inhabitants of the island good health and long life.

People from many countries dream of coming to Cyprus on vacation or even buying property in Cyprus to be able to come here every year. Many, arriving here tourists, subsequently move to Cyprus forever. I must say that the Republic of Cyprus is a country with a very favorable tax climate, so it’s profitable to build a business here.

You can rent a property in any city in Cyprus, which, by the way, is much more affordable and more comfortable than a hotel room. For lovers of a quiet family holiday, a secluded villa on the coast or an apartment in a gated community with a pool is suitable, and nightlife lovers can choose for themselves a cozy nest close to noisy discos and cheerful bars.

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