Start earning money without leaving home today! All you need is a website from Grand Property.

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150 000 €

120 000 €

Project price

Professional programmers, designers and marketers worked on its creation. They made every effort to create a user-friendly interface, nice design and wide functionality.

In fact, this is a ready-made business that is perfect for a construction company.

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Our database contains more than 10,000 objects.

5 - 20


Site receives from 5 to 20 requests every day.



And with advertising, their number will increase to more than 100 on the daily basis.



More than 300 partner construction companies. After logging in, you will be able to familiarize yourself with each of them.

Our database contains more than 10,000 objects. Even without running any advertising, the site receives from 5 to 20 requests every day. And with advertising, their number will increase to more than 100 on the daily basis.

From the first day you will be fully loaded: there will be no end to customer orders.

We've connected all requests to Slack, email, and CRM so you can view them online right away. In addition, the site has access to social networks and a special chat with clients.

By purchasing a site, you get access to:

In addition to all this, we will provide access to the site map. You will receive ready-made templates for each page, so you can easily restore any part of it in case of loss.

Administrator Rights

All SEO Web sites

Customer Relationship Management

Outlook Business

All social networks and instant messengers

Slack, Skype and all applications

In addition, the website from Grand Property has many advantages


PDF and SEO filters, XML

Various features such as PDF filters and SEO filters, XML, etc.


Domain names

The site is hosted on the current RU and COM domains.



The site is fully translated into 2 languages: Russian and English.



We have fully set up advertising in Google and Yandex

You just need to switch on advertisement and wait for new clients.

Sale and rental advertisements will be seen by people in different parts of the world, because the advertisements have been translated into Russian, English and Greek.

At the moment we automatically import properties from many partners via XML and receive a commission of 5-10%.

All objects are exclusively from real owners and construction companies. If you have no desire to upload properties by yourself or hire people for uploading, then you don’t have to. We have automated this process. Every day the site will be updated with new properties via XML.

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