Property Area: Anavargos - Price: ID: G8599

The property is a commercial mixed-use development in Anavargos. It is located 350m from Tassou Papadopoulou avenue and 300m from Paphos General Hospital. It is built on four plots with a total land area of 2,599sqm. The property consists of two buildings namely 'Fikardos 1' & 'Fikardos 2'. 'Fikardos 1' comprises: • Ground floor shop 1: 320sqm (tenanted) • Ground floor shop 2: 220sqm (vacant) • Office space on the first floor: 560sqm (vacant) 'Fikardos 2' comprises: • Ground floor shop: 570sqm plus 355sqm mezzanine (tenanted) • Office space on the first floor: 640sqm (tenanted) • Office space on the second floor: 182sqm (tenanted) Both buildings 'Fikardos 1 & 2' have basements used by the tenants as storages and car park. The property also offers a large ground floor parking area in front of Fikardos 1 building. The property is partially occupied by governmental services and private companies offering high steady yield.
Country: Cyprus
Area: Anavargos
City: Paphos
Total: 2492
Total views: 53
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